Capacity Range: 350 to 44400 l/s

Dedicated units for use in hospitals, food, and electronic industries, clean rooms, etc.

Product Features
  • Aluminum alloy frame with an exclusive design
  • The internal and external sheet metal of the panels can be selected among 7 types of material with different thicknesses
  • Handles for inspection doors that can also be opened from the inside
  • Absolutely smooth internal surfaces to minimize dust deposits and make cleaning and disinfection easier
  • Heat exchanger coils using water, direct expansion, steam, diathermal oil, electricity with 4 types of pitch versions, fins, and several pipe and fin thicknesses
  • Water gravity humidifying systems with pack or pump, water, compressed air, steam, and air washer versions
  • Aluminum or stainless steel condensate collection trays inside the paneling, insulated and tilted towards the drain
  • Noise-reduction sections.

With more than 30 years of the proven performance of producing hi-efficiency air conditioners products in a very harsh & extreme weather condition, CLIVET can offer you a full range of air conditioning products. Clivet is a European well-known brand-Top 3 in Italy with high-end elegant design and the high-end brand of the Midea group. It is the European way to comfort with cutting-edge technology.

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