Capacity Range: 32HP to 96HP

In 30 years of working on the design, manufacturing, and distribution of air conditioning and handling systems, combining high efficiency with minimal environmental impact, Clivet has developed solutions to ensure sustainable comfort and the well-being of people and the environment.

Designing and developing year-round air conditioning solutions with innovative technologies are part of Clivet's DNA, which means the company has always been ready for the future.

  • Max. Capacity (single unit)=32HP
  • Max. Combined ODU number=3
  • Max. Capacity (combined) =96HP
Product Features
  • Total piping length 1000 m
  • Longest actual piping length 175 m
  • Longest equivalent piping length 200 m
  • Longest piping length after the first branch 90 m
  • The level difference between IDUs and ODU – ODU above 90 m
  • The level difference between IDUs and ODU – ODU below 110 m
  • The level difference between IDUs 30 m
VRF Indoor
Capacity Range: 18 to 28 Kw

IDEAL FOR ANY ENVIRONMENT: Offices, Restaurants, Residential, Hotels, Commercial areas WIDE RANGE more than 100 models in 14 different types.

Product Features
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE High efficiency DC inverter fans and heat exchangers
  • STANDARD AIR FILTER G2 class washable filter designed for easy removal
  • AUTOMATIC RESTART 3 minutes after power recovery with the latest operating settings
  • 7 FAN SPEEDS AVAILABLE All series are adjustable through 7 fan speeds to ensure maximum comfort

With more than 30 years of the proven performance of producing hi-efficiency air conditioners products in a very harsh & extreme weather condition, CLIVET can offer you a full range of air conditioning products. Clivet is a European well-known brand-Top 3 in Italy with high-end elegant design and the high-end brand of the Midea group. It is the European way to comfort with cutting-edge technology.

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