Our Allied Smoke dampers are UL555S standard & tested and labeled for Safety Smoke Dampers, which complies with the requirements of NFPA 90A for use in engineered Smoke Control Systems with very low leak damper and actuator assemblies constructed to restrict the spread of smoke in HVAC systems that are designed to be automatically shut down in the event of a fire, or opened to control the movement of smoke within a building when the HVAC system is part of an engineered smoke control system

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Is a USA based company in Houston-Texas with the expertise and excellence qualified with a highly skilled team with over 35 years of HVAC&R experience in the K. Saudi market.

They are providing technologically advanced regionally products related to HVAC such as; Variable Air Volume (VAV), Duct heart, Sound attenuates, Smoke dampers, Fans for ventilation with Saudi – SASO, and Gmark of GCC specs.

eStore will be available soon, please send your query. One of our team member will contact you.