Capacity Range: 24K to 60K BTU/hrs

Clivet Ducted units are Engineered to deliver remarkable energy performance, design flexibility fit for commercial ceiling spaces such as apartments or small offices.

Product Features
  • SASO & AHRI certificated
  • Suitable for using refrigerant R410A
  • 3-speed indoor fan for enhanced comfort
  • Blue hydrophilic fin & inner grooved copper pipe
  • Air intake filter as standard
  • Highly reliable scroll compressor suited to extreme conditions
  • Outdoor fan motor insulation class: IP44
  • High-temperature operation - Cooling: from 17°C to 52°C; Heating: from -15°C to 25°C
  • Long piping length. Max. equivalent piping length: 46m; Max. the vertical distance between ODU and IDU: 18m. (Notes: ODU is up.) Cooling only and heat pump
  • The drain pump is optional
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosion coated outdoor

With more than 30 years of the proven performance of producing hi-efficiency air conditioners products in a very harsh & extreme weather condition, CLIVET can offer you a full range of air conditioning products. Clivet is a European well-known brand-Top 3 in Italy with high-end elegant design and the high-end brand of the Midea group. It is the European way to comfort with cutting-edge technology.

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